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led lighting supplier
SIWIN Lighting Technology Co,.Ltd is a high-tech firm dedicated to integrating advanced technology with LED based lights for our customers around the world.
We have specialized in LED bulbs
, LED tube, LED lamp, led ceiling light,led Dimmable light,led down light , SMD led lights since 2004.
About 95% of our outputs are delivered to Europe and North America.

How We Work
Our Values
We are a value driven company with a common set of principles and guidelines that govern the way we do business across more than 50 countries worldwide.
These values are contained in four core policies, which are consistent throughout the world governing our business and defining those values.
Our core values that drives the way we do business are our business principles which have been adopted throughout SW Company. Under these principles fall two other key policies. They are:
-Sustainable Development
-A commitment to contributing to sustainable development means balancing the economic, social and environmental aspects of everything we do, balancing short term and long term needs. It is the cornerstone of SW Company’s management plan.
-Health, Safety and Environment
We believe we have four areas of fundamental responsibility.
-Those with whom we do business
-Society of responsibility

Our Philosophy
At SIWIN, we believe that attitude is just as important as expertise.

In our everyday working lives we:
Encourage all our employees to adopt a positive, I ‘can do’ approach to challenges.
Take pride in our achievements but strive to improve.
Seek to deal fairly with our customers – and with each other.
SW. Company is committed to three core values. Feedback from customers shows that these values are becoming increasingly more evident in the way we go about our business.

Our values are:
We will act professionally

-Adopting best practice
-Being reliable and consistent
-Taking responsibility for solving problems

We will seek innovation and continuous improvement

-Looking for initiatives to add value
-Building partnerships with customers and supply chain
-Understanding the balance between risk and reward

We will empower people

-By communicating and listening
-Setting an example to others
-Learning from experience