IKEA Intends to Sell All-LED Lighting by 2016
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IKEA has intended to sell only LED lighting in its stores by 2016.
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“No more halogen. No more Sparsam low-energy bulbs. No more fluorescent lights. We’re putting all our development and design efforts behind LEDs because we thinkeveryoneshould be able to afford to illuminate their lives with the most sustainable lighting available.”

IKEA argues that LED bulbs don’t get warm – though that featuremust be design specific, judging from the massive heat sinks that other LED light bulb producers like 3M, Insignia (Best Buy house brand), Philipsand C.Craneglue to the bases of their bulbs.

Come February, IKEAstores globally will be glowing with a much broader array of LED based fixtures, floor, table and desk lamps andportable illuminators. Novel applications only possible with LEDs include the ONSJOLED chandelier ($59.99) whichevokes the light and movement of fireflies with LEDs glowing inside loops of plastic tubes, the PS21012 pendant lamp ($99.99) with diodes built into the lamp shade (for less harsh and more evenlyreflected light) and the well named SPOKA night light ($14.99). The lattercomes in two cute ghostly shapes whichhave color changing LEDs inside. The rubber textured creatures glow for 4-5 hours between chargeson the included base, and turn on and off with a squeeze.Alsonifty and safe– DIODER battery-operatedLED lamp strips ($14.99) to be placed in drawers, wardrobes and shelves.This light source has a sensorto trigger an automatic15 second turn on when you open the drawer and thencut off 5 seconds after the drawer isclosed.

“Soon you’ll start to see more LEDs designed into IKEA furniture, included in the flat packs and ready for assembly,” predicted Kirsten Andersson, LED project leader at IKEA of Sweden. “More controlis coming, too, with remotes. And since we’re all much more mobile, we’ll probably need LED lamps that can be used and charged anywhere. But maybe we won’t even see LEDs at all – we’ll just bathe in light from glowing screens.”

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